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Our IT services are very closely knit with planning and resources; hence, reducing the overall costs of labor, training and downtimes.

Consumer Services

We have mastered the challenge of creating and optimizing our customer services by focusing on catering to the rapidly developing market segment.

Business Services

We work in close collaboration with our clients to figure out all sorts of business solutions for their manufacturing and transportation services.

Document Understanding Services

Our team aims at providing you a seamless IT experience by strategizing whatever works well for you


Java R&D offers a wide range of expertise and unique services

Java R&D unveils the success behind the leading manufacturers and their association to IT. Java R&D recognizes that successful companies realize that IT plays a leading role in customer relationship and supply chain management. Java R&D can help you accelerate your business, and then implement the solutions that enable you to manage your relationship with your suppliers, clients and employees by using a quality-driven project management framework.
Java R&D offers a wide range of expertise and unique services to manufacturers and logistics. Java R&D provides consulting, systems integration, maintenance services.


Pharma & Healthcare
Trending Technological Innovation Driving Pharmaceutical Development

Innovative technologies can play an important role in the digital revolution of the pharma industry by reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Identifying the right initiatives is necessary to seize this opportunity.

Technology Being the Backbone of BFSI Industry

Technology is transforming the way organizations operate and deliver products to customers in a variety of industries, most notably banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI). Many novel approaches and technology are being integrated into financial activities to aid in the development of smooth and secure operations.

Life Sciences
For Life Sciences – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the Next Big Thing

Advances in AI and machine intelligence are fueling this trend, allowing researchers to produce cures faster, clinicians to provide more effective care, and healthcare businesses to cut costs while improving access to care.

Manufacturing & Transportation
How is Internet of Things (IoT) Transforming the ‌Transportation‌ Industry

The transportation industry is always changing to provide commutes that are safer, faster, cleaner, and more comfortable. The next major industrial revolution is upon us, and IoT is at the forefront. The Internet of Things’ promise is causing a surge in smart automobiles and connected infrastructure.

Humanize Telecommunication Industries with Chatbots

Telecommunications companies, particularly those that serve wide areas of both corporate and individual consumers, have a massive user base. The fact that everyone wants their communications right now is exacerbating the challenge for telecom firms since too much today depends on a reliable Internet or mobile connection.

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) – Essential Steps plus a Little Secret Sauce

When addressing BPR with an organization’s management team, we’ve been regularly requested to condense the main phases of BPR and process reengineering into high-level conceptual sound bites. At this level, the discussion invariably turns to the link between BPR and the company’s business plan. So, how are we doing it?

Hear From Our Employees

Shubham Shukla
Sr. Software Engineer
Java R&D gave me the opportunity to gain a vast amount of exposure that caters to new technologies while remaining flexible in the workplace. I love being a part of the Java R&D family because they value human efforts and I feel that my efforts have paid off!
Arpan Pal
Sr. Software Engineer
Java R&D’s employee centric policy lured me into joining this company as a software developer and I’ve been loving the experience here. This is a nice place to work as we get the freedom to live our life without constraining it to the computer desk.
Anitesh Shukla
Sr. Software Engineer
With Java R&D, I got to work on front-end projects while managing a variety of other tasks related to my field. I feel fortunate enough to bag a position in the Java R&D family as it helped me escalate my career and touch new horizons.
Ankit Singh
Sr. Software Engineer
Joining the Java R&D family helped me boost my skills and grab new opportunities in my domain. It is a wonderful experience to work with likeminded people while being surrounded by a competitive atmosphere. Java R&D is indeed an amazing place to gear up on your skills and expertise.

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